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Dragons Under My Bed

by Kath Bee

DRAGONS UNDER MY BED ©Kath Bee 2007 Something happens in my room at night Straight after Mum turns out the light I hear the giggling from under my bed And then I see the glowing eyes of red As if that isn’t enough surprise Little puffs of smoke they start to rise I hear the breathing deep and strong And that’s when I know there’s something wrong CHORUS I’ve got dragons under my bed Not just one a whole family instead! They don’t hurt me that’s for sure But they do make a mess on the bedroom floor They throw my clothes all around the room It’s just like a bomb going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM They even open up the wardrobe door And throw the contents on the floor I pull the blankets up over my head ‘Cause this is the part that I really dread Starting with the books and then the toys They make lots of mess and lots of noise CHORUS That’s when I hear Mum coming at last! But man those dragons are super fast As soon as they hear the door go ‘click’ Back under the bed they scurry quick Well the light goes on and I bet you’ll guess Who gets the blame for all that mess? I try to tell her it’s not me But she never does believe my dragon story. CHORUS
Friends 03:33
FRIENDS ©Kath Bee 2006 CHORUS Well you gotta have friends, friends, friends You know you gotta have friends, friends, friends Well I’ve got school friends and cool friends And swim in the pool friends My day friends and night friends and sometimes we fight I’ve got friends in the next street and one with smelly feet Best friends who I fit with, class friends who I sit with BRIDGE They come in all shapes and they all make mistakes We forgive and forget There are friends I haven’t met, yet So if I see someone sitting there on their own, I’ll go and say “Hello” ‘cos everybody needs…….. CHORUS Well I’ve got mad friends and sad friends And sometimes we’re bad friends My sport friends and art friends and sometimes we fart! I’ve got friends with fuzzy hair and one in a wheelchair And some who are funny and one who likes honey BRIDGE
Don't Wanna 02:23
DON’T WANNA ©Kath Bee 2006 Don’t wanna brush my teeth Don’t wanna comb my hair As for making my bed Well I just don’t care Don’t wanna have a bath Or wash my face And I wish my Mum (or even my Dad) Would get off my case! But all those little things are just a part of growing up, I s’pose And if I learn to do them by myself my Mum and Dad will leave me alone Don’t wanna wash my hands Or flush the loo As for eating my tea I don’t like stew Don’t wanna go to bed Or read my book As for finding my clothes Don’t wanna look! There are so many things it seems so hard! But maybe I am wrong ‘cos if I do them all, every day, they’ll be just as easy as singing this song! So I’ll brush my teeth (and comb my hair) And make my bed (like I really care) And have a bath (and flush the loo) And wash my face (and eat my stew) I’ll remember this (I’ll remember this) There’s one sure thing (there’s one sure thing) I can’t say I don’t wanna cos I’m always gunna grow up
DAD, I WANNA BE A CAMEL ©Kath Bee 2002 Well, I went to the zoo just the other day And I saw lots of animals there I saw a couple of camels and a kangaroo And a big brown grizzly bear CHORUS 1 And I said “Dad I wanna be a camel, Or a bouncy kangaroo” and he said “You haven’t got a hump or a pocket in the front so you’ll just have to settle for YOU” Well, I went to the zoo just the other day And I saw some birds in there I saw some geese and a swan and some parrots too And lovebirds in a pair CHORUS 2 And I said “Dad I wanna be a parrot Talking all night a day” and he said “Get some glue and a feather or two ‘cos you’ve always got something to say!!” BRIDGE Animals are fun to be around But with two legs and this face I’ve got to remember where I belong And that’s to the human race
Odd Sox 02:34
ODD SOX ©Kath Bee 2006 Red sox, white sox, stripy or gold, Sometimes I find them covered in mould When I buy them they’re a pair But I’ve been wearing odd sox all year Where do my other sox go? They disappear Sox with holes and sox with spots Ankle sox, well I’ve got lots Out of the packet two sox come But before too long there’s only one Where does my other sock go? It disappears CHORUS I’ve been thinking lately There must be an odd sock meeting spot But where on earth that spot might be? I haven’t got a clue. HAVE YOU? Sparkly sox and sox with cars Lightning bolts or yellow stars Both in the wash those sox of mine But only one comes off the line Where does my other sock go? It disappears BRIDGE Odd sox, at home or in the playground Odd sox, it’s a common phenomenon When I finally decide to throw Those odd sox out, well whadiyaknow The very next day, without a doubt I’ll look down on the floor and shout “Oh no, not another odd sock!” (“Where did THAT come from??”) It just appeared! CHORUS X2 , HAVE YOU? WELL, HAVE YOU?
INDIVIDUALITY ©Kath Bee 2001 CHORUS It’s a song about me It’s a song about me It’s a song about my individuality About the clothes I wear About the colour of my hair And it’s about who I want to be near It’s a song about me It’s a song about me Sometimes I just want to be all by myself And sometimes I don’t Sometimes we do agree And sometimes we don’t Sometimes I want to do the same as you I might also change my mind CHORUS It’s good that all our faces aren’t the same And it’s good that we all have a different name And it’s good that we are all a different shape Tall, short, big, small, in between CHORUS You like to eat sardines with jam on top And I like to drink hot chocolate till I pop And you like to spread your toast with marmalade I’ll try yours if you’ll try mine CHORUS Yep, me!
CREATIVE RHYTHM ©Kath Bee 2002 Clap your hands, stamp your feet That's the start of a really cool beat Click your fingers and clock your tongue The rhythm has just begun Clap your hands, stamp your feet The rhythm has just begun Did you know that a box filled up with rocks can make a really cool sound? You can even make a noise with a couple of sticks that you pick up off the ground! Clap your hands, stamp your feet Click your fingers and clock your tongue A box of rocks, a couple of sticks The rhythm has just begun Did you know that knives and forks and spoons can make an interesting sound And the best place for an instrument is the pot cupboard I have found Clap your hands stamp your feet Click your fingers and clock your tongue Knives and forks, pots and pans The rhythm has just begun BRIDGE Come on be creative, that’s what music is all about With your ears and eyes you can improvise and find rhythm all around your house! Clap your hands, stamp your feet Click your fingers and clock your tongue Clap your hands stamp your feet The rhythm has just begun


Kath's first album started her career as a children's songwriter/entertainer. The songs have been sung over and over and include the popular 'Individuality' and 'Dad I wanna be a Camel' sung for many years in schools everywhere!


released May 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Kath Bee New Zealand

Kath is one of New Zealand's best-loved children's songwriters and entertainers. A generation of kids have grown up singing her songs and remember them well into adulthood. She gets into the minds and hearts of children with her clever lyrics and catchy melodies. ... more

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