Shake, Shake, Shake

by Kath Bee



Warm up in the morning, when it's cold or just put this song on if the kids are out of control to 'get it all out'! Everything from running on the spot to starjumps and a whole lot more!


Shake, Shake, Shake
©Kath Bee 2014
We’re gunna warm-up, warm-up
We’re gunna shake, shake, shake our bodies
We’re gunna warm-up, warm-up
We’re gunna wiggle our fingers and wiggle our toes

Run on the spot
Lift your knees up high
Keep going, don’t stop
Now stretch your arms up to the sky
Do some star jumps
Bend down and touch the floor
Grab a friend and do some hip bumps
I like them, let’s do some more!!!
It’s always good to warm-up
When you’re cold, or before you exercise
Take some deep breaths through your nose
And let them out like great big sighs
(Mmmmm, AHHHHH, Mmmmmm, AHHHHHH)
Skip with a skipping rope
Bounce like a bouncy ball
Stretch your arms and legs out wide
Now curl up tight so you’re really small
Wiggle our fingers and wiggle our toes X2


released May 31, 2016
Produced, mixed and mastered by Doug Stenhouse


all rights reserved



Kath Bee New Zealand

Kath is one of New Zealand's best-loved children's songwriters and entertainers. Kids have grown up singing her songs, particularly 'Individuality' and 'Dad I wanna be a Camel' and her song 'Dragons Under My Bed' will be released as a book in Aug 2017! ... more

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