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Children: Our Voices IntertwineD

by Kath Bee, Doug Stenhouse

Stuck inside and the rain is falling Another day on my own Feels like I’ve been here for so long That I’m turning to stone Read books, played games Until the cows come home My little brother wants to play but He is so annoying and I say ‘go away’ He cries and I realise CHORUS Oooooooo I’ve got a friend in my sister or brother Oooooooo It’s a friendship like no other Oooooooo Could be older, could be younger Oooooooo Ain’t nobody like that Hey Dad can I have a friend over He says ‘No’ Slam the door and I’m in my bedroom, all alone Read books, played games Until the cows come home Big sister knocks on the door She is so annoying and I say ‘go away’ She cries and I realise CHORUS BRIDGE Yo, yo, we’ve got our differences you and me it’s the same in everyone’s family There’s no way we can get along all of the time It’s like we’re out of rhythm, out of rhyme We can meet in the middle, on common ground There’s always a compromise to be found If we’re kind to each other we’ll be just fine ‘Cos we’re all part of the same life line Sisters and brothers, get on with each other CHORUS
My shoe is on the wrong foot My hair just won’t stay put My toasted marshmallow is covered in soot My shirt’s on back to front I hurt my knee when performing a bike stunt My pencil is seriously blunt I can’t find my homework for school My friend pushed my into the pool I wanna fix my bike but I can’t find the right tool! My ice cream fell off the cone I dropped my sister’s brand new phone I waited in the wrong waiting zone My favourite tee shirt has to be washed The banana I packed is all squashed Stood in a puddle and my shoe got sloshed Then I got stung by a bee The sticking plaster came off my knee My zip won’t come undone and I really need to pee! I want to SCREAM…………….. Ahhh, but, tomorrow’s another day.
I went down to the river one hot summer’s day To find relief in the cool, cool water I wasn’t the only one to have the same idea And I thought to myself ‘we’re all strangers here’ But we smiled and we talked, we had something to share We were gathered together as one sweet community I drove to a festival miles away To hear people sing and music play I wasn’t the only one to have the same idea And I thought to myself ‘we’re all strangers here’ But we danced and we sang, we had something to share We were gathered together as one sweet community CHORUS No matter where you come from No matter what the season No matter your religion No matter what the reason No matter how you see things No matter how you say things No matter if your guitar is strung With fishing line or Martin strings No matter where you’re going No matter where you’ve been No matter what you don’t know Or what you haven’t seen Huihui tātou (we gather together as one) Nō Hineahuone (all human beings – from the first woman) Auē te wairua (the human spirit within) Ko tātou tātou nei (we are all one) I went for a walk in the bush one day I took some kai to eat along the way I wasn’t the only one to have the same idea And I thought to myself ‘we’re all strangers here’ But we ate and we drank, we had something to share We were gathered together as one sweet community CHORUS
CHORUS Here’s a little song, it won’t take long Here’s a little song for you to sing along to Here’s a little song to make you feel good each day Here’s a little song to help you to be strong To help you feel right, when you feel wrong Here’s a little song and it belongs to you VERSE 1 I’m grateful for my knees ‘cos they help me to climb trees I’m grateful for my thumbs, ‘cos without them it’d be so hard to pick plums I’m grateful for blue skies and also for sunrise and sunset It’s a treat for my eyes and it warms my insides CHORUS VERSE 2 I’m grateful for dogs, they remind me to be happy simply sniffing logs I’m grateful for bees, ‘cos without them there’d be no apple trees I’m grateful for my nose, ‘cos without it I couldn’t sniff my toes I mean a rose and I’m grateful that a rose even grows CHORUS BRIDGE The next verse is yours to fill with things you’re grateful for It doesn’t have to rhyme or even make sense Just have a lot of fun and I hope that when you’re done You feel better, you feel better VERSE 4 (kids fill in) I’m grateful for x 4 CHORUS
It started with a creaking of the floorboards Just after I had heard the squeaky door And suddenly I felt a little dizzy ‘cos I wasn’t in the attic any more It all began one sunny Friday morning As usual I was sitting on my bed When all at once the bedroom door burst open And someone put their arms around my head PRE-CHORUS What’s going on? Is this a dream? Now I belong to The Teddy Bear Team I was getting used to feeling claustrophobic Hadn’t seen the sun for many years Hidden underneath a pile of worn-out toys Next minute I was pulled out by my ears PRE-CHORUS CHORUS Teddy in the window What do you see? A teddy in the window Smiling at me Teddy in the window What do I see? Lots of happy children, looking at me And waving and pointing and laughing – it’s amazing! I was cold and dusty underneath the armchair Sad because I thought that I’d been tossed But on this special day in 2020 I realised that I was only lost BRIDGE Teddies in the window Puppies on the roof Pandas in the letterbox I’m telling the truth! Unicorns on buses Monkey’s hanging by their tails Tigers, lions, elephants Even tiny snails! CHORUS
Autumn leaves take it nice and slow From summery green to a golden glow They wait and they wait and they hold on tight ‘til their veins feel the chill as day turns to night Autumn leaves they fall, they fall Break free from their branches so tall, so tall Float through the air swaying side to side Admiring the view on their downward ride CHORUS Oooooooo x2 My winter heart grieves for those autumn leaves Autumn leaves dance in pirouettes While I make believe I’m their silhouettes Whirling and twirling most gracefully I am an autumn leaf, wild and free BRIDGE A bright orange fire Sunset so red Riches of gold on the flower bed Pile them up Toss in the air And underneath my feet What do I hear? Autumn leaves know it’s not a race They’ll finally find their resting place ‘til the wind takes a deep breath and blows and blows Turning cartwheeling leaves into spiralling tornadoes CHORUS X2
Today I am the sun, shining bright Warming everyone that passes by A welcoming glow all over my face Today I am the sun Today I am a bird, soaring high Wings outstretched in a clear, blue sky Nothing gets in my way Today I am a bird Today I am a cloud, full of rain Heavy and grey, what’s my name? Cumulonimbus, see me cry Today I am a cloud CHORUS Who knows how Who knows why I change from day to day Or minute by minute (and that’s OK, yeah that’s OK) Today I am a snail, steady and slow Head in the direction that I want to go A silvery trail, shimmers behind Today I am a snail CHORUS Today I am the sea, on a stormy night Destroying ships, in my sight Toss and turn and crash on shore Today I am the sea BRIDGE Many different layers underneath my skin Many different colours make up my within Many different sides like a decagon Put them all together... CHORUS
U – I’m moving into the Unknown N – I’m travelling into something New C – I know it takes a lot of Courage E – When I don’t know Exactly what to do R – I’m Riding on a Rollercoaster T – I’m gunna hold on Tight A – and if I feel a little Anxious I – I I I’ll tell myself I’ll be alright CHORUS U N C E R T A I NTY – UNCERTAINTY! X2 I’m not gunna hide, what I’m feeling inside, but I’ll open my arms wide And embrace uncertainty N – It’s OK to feel Nervous T – It’s OK to feel a little Tense Y – maybe I could do some Yoga, ‘ cos some deep breaths might help to make some sense CHORUS Instrumental CHORUS
Streets are empty, no cars Everybody’s inside It feels different in my neighbourhood Like we’ve all found a place to hide So quiet Nobody on the see-saw No legs sliding down the slide No monkeys on the monkey bars No swings swinging way up high So quiet No happy squeals in the school yard No children running on the grass No laughter from the playground Not one child learning in the class So quiet Chorus But quiet time’s a time to relax A time to reflect and think things through A time to unwind a time to renew and start again Instrumental Verse Chorus


In 2020 Kath received funding from Creative New Zealand to write 10 songs, from ideas given to her by children. The ideas stemmed from their feelings during our first NZ COVID Lockdown in April-June 2020. Kath was inundated with suggestions and settled down to write 10 very different songs. A good chunk of the funding was for producing the instrumentation for each song, so Kath chose one of NZ’s best producers, Doug Stenhouse from Doghouse Tunes.

The album's title is a play on the acronym ‘COVID’ and is a roller-coaster ride through different emotions, genres, styles and creativity, with each song being sung by children, which definitely enhances each song and the album. Many of the children had never been in a recording studio, so the experience was new and exciting and one they will never forget. Each child embraced their song, they related to it in their own way and made it special.

Kath says “I wanted to re-create the feelings of the 2020 Lockdown period, but also wanted each song to stand alone. Two songs however, directly relate to that time, ‘The Teddy Bear Team’, is a song about the soft toys people places around their neighbourhood, to cheer people up and is written from the Teddy’s point of view. The second song, ‘so quiet’, is a very moving account of the emptiness and quietness of playgrounds, schools, towns and streets.


released December 1, 2021

All songs written by Kath Bee & Produced by Doug Stenhouse of Doghouse Tunes. Each song has a featured artist, named as Artist on each single. Huge thanks to EMIKA, HANA, Devan, Daisy Filby, Jonathan Oliver, Imani-J, Amiria Keyanna and their parents, for their time, energy and beautiful vocals.


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Kath Bee New Zealand

Kath is one of New Zealand's best-loved children's songwriters and entertainers. A generation of kids have grown up singing her songs and remember them well into adulthood. She gets into the minds and hearts of children with her clever lyrics and catchy melodies. ... more

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